I don’t really understand astrophysics

Another piece from Brian Topping, which starts off with a statement for its title and  ends up with a question, all in the space of fifteen lines.  For some reason I was reminded of the Alexei Sayle joke “I have given up asking rhetorical questions.  What’s the point?”  It may not be a fair comparison but the poem does challenge the way reality is constructed.  See what you think.

Steve Bishop

I don’t really understand astrophysics

I recently read
that space is not just space
the gap between
one solid object and another
it’s made of minute particles
so small they can’t be seen
they are not IN space
they ARE space
they can bend or stretch or both
this theory follows
two incompatible theories by Einstein
as he said
it’s weird
possibly like poetry
but I understand poetry?

Brian Topping


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