Unlocked, unleashed
And heading for the lash,
What pandemic?
The economy might crash!
So, drink and dance and lie
On the beach,
Who needs school,
What’s left to teach?
We don’t need experts,
Don’t need good advice,
No need to keep our distance
Just roll those dice.
Goodbye to daily briefings,
Let’s end the shielded few,
Air corridors are coming,
Off to somewhere new!
Care homes are closing
As they run out of cash,
But the Treasury is creaking
So we all have to dash
To the shops once again
And just spend, spend, spend,
Like our lottery is winning
But where will it end?
We are still doing well
Up there with the USA,
It’s a special relationship
At the end of the day.
In this brand new strategy
We ain’t misbehavin’
We are bouncing right back
As we start second waving.

Steve Bishop


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