Winter Tree


My step-daughter, who is an artist, was involved in a project a little while ago which gave her a theme from which to draw.  The theme changed each month (or was it week?) so you had to draw something different each time.  In a moment of foolhardy inspiration I suggested matching her drawing with a poem on each theme.

I am not sure how many themed drawings she did but this poem is my only contribution to the project.  It did give me the idea of writing a poem for each season but this is still the only contribution to that idea too!

Winter Tree

Stripped black twilight silhouette
Charred by blazing rust and gold
Igniting a fiery carpet
Of dead leaves on the ground.

The purifying alchemy of autumn purged
Branches, plundered by untamed Atlantic winds
Thrashing, without apparent purpose,
Then lashed stark naked to the sky.

Darkness doubles, cold ground slumbers.
Fire melts to ice, then rots to rebirth
Until the shroud of winter slips,
To show the fingertips of spring.

Steve Bishop


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