Poem for Bolt


The Olympics are nearly here and, in spite of all of the anti-Brazil propaganda leading up to it, we will all no doubt be cheering on our favourites in some obscure sport, that we are now armchair experts in!

It is hard not to see the whole thing as a commercial scam and with so many drugs cheats it is hard to know what you are watching any more. Also, in spite of the best efforts of the International Olympic Committee, the cultural dimension to the Olympics, the so-called Cultural Olympiad, does not even come a close second to who can run, leap or jump the fastest or farthest.

Which is fine. Who would want a lot of people in shorts running around while you are watching Hamlet? Some things just do not mix easily!

Having said that this poem was written during the London 2012 Olympics, where Danny Boyle’s opening spectacular did at least provide some cultural input. It also coincided with the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence and the confirmation, if any were needed, that Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is the world’s greatest sprinter.

As you can see from the picture, this was written on the cover of an Observer Magazine which had a feature about Jamaica’s independence, with an inevitable Bob Marley pic. It has been living on the side of the fridge ever since! I was also aiming to write something which would be as quick as Bolt over the 100 metres. That might depend upon how fast you read it!

So here is my Poem for Bolt….let the Games begin!

Poem for Bolt

Lightning Bolt,
Yellow flash on the track,
Jamaica is 50
Marley is back
But Usain’s the name
it’s plain
Is the fastest on the planet,
No one catch him

Steve Bishop


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